It’s winter. The cold sets in. Our environment changes. Colours blend to shades, and those shades periodically disappear under blankets of white. For many of us it can feel like winter lasts an eternity, that we cannot seem to escape the season that traps us in our homes – a lot of times also trapping us in our minds.

Whether this season feels like an overwhelming stomach flu, or lingers more subtly like a cold, we all seem to feel the effects of the winter in the latter months of the season. Many people travel to escape, exercise, or pack their social calendar to attempt to break through the barrier of the longest period of our year. But, we believe that we have a quick and easy fix to up moods and add some colour back into the remainder of this season- house plants.

When I first started with Plant I had a few house plants that kept me company throughout the year, but as the winter set in on my first year working at the shop, I gained a mini jungle to call my own. The further we got into winter, the more I craved plants around me. I realized throughout the season that I was using this as a coping mechanism, and it worked. The boost of oxygen to my life, the punch of green inside distracted me from the dreariness outside, I had something that I needed to take care of, and whenever I got home I was reminded that spring was coming. Spring always comes. Nothing doesn’t change: inside us and externally. Having house plants allowed me to find something to love about the cold, knowing that it was impermanent- it was a very grounding realization. I believe that plants can do that for everyone.

I know that not everyone can buy enough plants to open a small conservatory, in the way I was lucky enough to do, but I do know we have a plant that can get you through these next few months and into the beautiful spring that is just waiting for the perfect time to show. Whether you feel like you’re a green thumb, or a black thumb, you travel constantly, or are a homebody, we have a plant just for you. We have put our heads together to pick our top three house plants to combat the cold with.

1. Sansevieria Trifasciata AKA The Snake Plant

This plant gives a great low light option for any people living in spaces that don’t have ideal light. They are great air purifiers and they undergo this process at night- giving you a burst of fresh air during those evening hours. They are great for bedrooms and living rooms, because most of us spend time in those rooms in the evening. Fun Fact: Snake Plants are on the moon, which means if a they can live there they can survive in your house no problem.


2. Haworthia AKA Zebra Cactus

These great plants have a very resilient disposition. They are hardy and can handle low watering. They need higher light, but as long as they have the sun, they are happy as can be. Sort of similar to most of us, hey?


3. Monstera Deliciosa AKA Monstera Plant

This plant is an Instagram favourite, but we love it for much more than just that. It is a partial light plant, with amazing foliage if you are seeking a more tropical feeling. The leaf on this plant makes it extremely unique with its splits and holes. These plants need a big space to fill, as they are splaying plants and won’t grow in one specific direction. They will fill a portion of your living space, as well as that empty spot in your heart.


It is a great reminder every day to look at a plant and remember that our circumstances do not last forever. As our plants grow, the seasons change, and we change too; that may just be the beauty of life. So, if you can take anything away from this, I hope it is that we all have the power to uplift ourselves, even if it is in those small ways. And, of course, that plants really do make people happy.

xo, B