At Plant, we stock all of the supplies you need to give your plants happy, healthy lives, and make your homes beautiful and unique. Our building and decorative supplies are available in various sizes and quantities, and we can offer custom amounts as needed.


Drainage is an important layer that serves as a preventative measure against overwatering and root rot by allowing water to pass through the soil more quickly. We use pea gravel to build in drainage to our terrariums or pots that don’t have drainage holes built in.


Soil is an obvious need for (almost) all plants. We carry a moisture control potting soil with a combination of peat, perlite, and coir, as well as a fertilizer composition of 0.18 – 0.10 – 0.10. This soil has good absorbency, water retention, and drainage which helps protect against over- and under-watering. This soil works well for indoor and outdoor use.

We also stock cactus soil that contains a higher percentage of sand for extra drainage, as well as pearlite and very small amounts of peat. Cactus soil allows the water to pass quickly through, which is ideal for cacti as well as some succulent plants depending on conditions.


Moss serves both practical and decorative functions. Sheet moss provides a layer to prevent moisture loss in tropical plants, and is utilized for visual interest in landscaping in pots and terrariums. It is dehydrated and preserved, so requires some misting prior to application, but prefers to stay mostly dry after that. Sphagnum moss is a wet-use spongy moss that works well for retaining moisture in the moss itself around root balls, in orchid mix, and for mounting.

Decorative Materials

Terrariums are the perfect opportunity to get creative and have fun, so we do our best to stock all of the decorative materials you might need or want to express your creativity and make your terrarium unique. We carry sands, gravels, stones, shells, urchins, sea biscuits, sand dollars, acorns, pinecones, wood chips, mushrooms, miniatures like gnomes, animals, and people, and more than a dozen colours of reindeer moss with our options expanding all the time.


Building and maintaining terrariums requires nimble fingers and the help of a few tools. Look for miniature shovels, rakes, tweezers, and scoops in our terrarium section for building your beautiful works of art. We also carry pruning shears, eyedroppers, basters, atomizers, spray bottles, and watering cans of all sizes to keep your creations looking fresh and healthy.

Pots / Containers

We have a frequently-evolving selection of pots and containers in a variety of sizes, colours, materials, finishes, and price points. Many of our pots are without drainage holes, so we recommend using a drainage layer such as gravel to give yourself a bit of insurance against overwatering.