Succulents are a large plant family, containing plants in a variety of textures, colours, shapes, and growing patterns. They prefer bright light, and store water in their leaves to help tolerate drought conditions of their native desert environments, so they’re great for the forgetful plant parents among us. We stock a wide variety of succulents from 1” to 8” sizes.


Cacti are sun-loving, water averse, spiny plants that are native to extremely dry desert environments. Like succulents, they are efficient water-storers and need full sun and well-draining soil to thrive. They have short growing seasons here in Alberta, and long periods of dormancy so they are slow-growing and easy to neglect. We stock cacti from 2” to 8”, with occasional stock of extra large Euphorbia up to 5 feet in height.


Airplants (also known as tillandsia) are a type of ephiphyte, which means that they use their roots not to take in nutrients, but to attach themselves to trees or rocks. They absorb their nutrients through their leaves via moisture in the air. Since Alberta is not known for its humidity, airplants here can be misted, submerged, or dropped with water weekly. They are native to jungles and rainforests in central and South America, so they are happy in high humidity, filtered light environments. We stock airplants in a variety of sizes and price ranges from $3 to $50.


Tropical plants are the most common type of houseplant. They are efficient air purifiers, and come in a wide variety of colours, shapes, growing patterns, and care needs. Tropical plants tend to prefer higher humidity and regular watering with soil drying out slightly. Tropical plants offer the most flexibility in terms of light and watering needs: there is a tropical plant for everyone! We stock a wide variety of tropical plants ranging from 2” to 14”, and from a few inches to several feet high.


Having a bonsai is like taking on a new hobby. They tend to be higher maintenance than the average plant, requiring regular watering, pruning, wiring, and hibernating, but our most enthusiastic bonsai lovers wouldn’t have it any other way! We regularly stock several bonsai varieties, including Junipers and Ficus, as well more rare varieties when they become available in the warmer months.

Carnivorous Plants

Carnivorous plants take in most of their nutrients by trapping and consuming insects. They prefer bright light and boggy soil with a high percentage of peat. Carnivorous plants are sensitive to chemicals, so they respond better to distilled, filtered, or rain water over tap water. We stock fly traps and pitcher plants on a regular basis, and sundew plants in the warmer months.

Seasonal Plants

As the seasons change, so does our plant selection! We carry fresh-smelling winter greens during the holiday season, outdoor flowers, annuals, and perennials in the spring, and frost-hardy outdoor plants in the fall. Follow us on Instagram to keep up with our latest arrivals!


We stock a selection of fresh and in-house dried stems perfect for a vase or decorating your terrarium. Our talented team of floral arrangers lead by Monalysa Floral can create fresh seasonal bouquets available for custom order or in the shop from Friday through Sunday, and from September to June, depending on availability. Ask in-store about custom arrangements!