We are located on main street Inglewood, North East of Downtown Calgary.

1327 9th Avene SE

Our hours of operation are 12:00 – 6:00pm Tuesday – Friday, 11:00 – 6:00pm Saturday, 12:00 – 5:00pm Sunday. Open Mondays 12:00 – 6:00pm in December! Sorry, Mondays are Plant’s day off!

There is ample street parking available in Inglewood, and some free 2-hour parking available on cross streets to 9th avenue. Plant has limited parking available behind the shop, which we reserve for staff and for customers picking up large orders, or who need assistance loading into their vehicles. Please note that there is no parking in front of Plant from 3:30pm – 6:oopm during weekdays.

We love helping our customers learn the art of terrarium making through our workshops, or walking you through the steps to do it at home. Due to limited space and staffing resources, we’re unable to offer in-shop terrarium building outside of our workshops at this time.

Check out our latest offerings and register/pay on our website. If you want to use your gift certificate to sign up, give us a call at the shop with your gift certificate number, and we’ll get you registered (pending space of course).

We’re thrilled that our workshops are in demand, but we also understand how frustrating it can be to try to get the workshop and dates you prefer. Sign up for our newsletter (scroll to the bottom of the website) to get notification right to your inbox when we post the latest dates.

We’d love to have you! Find out all the details here.

You are more than welcome to register your budding plant lovers for a workshop! Note that the workshop lasts around 2 hours, including about 30 minutes of discussion about plant varieties and care needs before the hands-on terrarium-making begins. We don’t provide a specific age limit, and leave it up to those who know their children best to decide if this setup will work for them. Children 12 and under require a participating adult in attendance.

Yes! We offer specialized private terrarium workshops for children. Please contact us for the details.

We love sharing our plant intel! Plant is proud to have a knowledgeable team ready to present on a variety of plant-related topics. Contact us to let us know what you’re interested in!

We’d love to! Potting fees are based on pot diameter (usually $1 per inch), and includes one decorative covering material, such as moss, gravel, or sand. Custom potting/landscaping is available too- just ask us for a quote!

It’s hard to know exactly what’s going on without seeing your plant, but the likelihood is that it’s some imbalance of light, water, and air. Check our care information section for details, or if you’re really stuck, you can bring it in for us to look at, or send us a photo via email to see if we can help you troubleshoot.

It happens to all of us! We over-neglect, over-water, over- or under- sun, or our cat/child rips it apart. Bring it in to us for a refresh, or ask us and we’ll walk you through doing it yourself.

We do! Custom orders can sometimes be done the day-of, but to make sure you get your terrarium when you need it, let us know what you’re looking for a bit ahead of time so we can be sure make it happen.

Bulk discounts are available depending on volume. We typically need a few weeks’ notice for bulk orders to make sure we have the glass/pot and plants you prefer. Talk to us at the shop, or send us an email to let us know what you’re looking for. In the meantime learn a little more here.

We have regular plant orders twice per week, with a variety of other suppliers coming in bi-weekly and monthly depending on our stock. We usually post notifications on our social media when we get our new stock in, and you can always inquire about our next shipment dates if you’re looking for a particular plant variety.

Sometimes! If it’s a plant we stock frequently, we can usually bring them in for you for a certain date, depending on the time of year and availability. We don’t have access to every plant up here in Canada, particularly plants that are uncommon and not native to our climate, but we do our absolute best.

We’re happy to take your information and get in touch when we’re restocked! Just call, email, or talk to us at the shop and we’ll get you on our list. We can’t always predict when the item you’re looking for will arrive, but we will get in touch as soon as it’s in.

We don’t offer delivery services at this time, but you are welcome to get in touch with a courier service and let us know when you would like your items available for pick up.

Due to the delicate nature of our products, we aren’t able to offer shipping at this time.

We do! They are available in any denomination, and can be emailed or picked-up in the store by you or by the recipient. Gift certificates can be applied to any product, service, or workshop we offer.

If you live in a rainforest, probably not! But here in Calgary, where humidity is near zero, we have to help them out with moisture now and again. Check our care section for details!

We’re not sure who started the cactus-misting rumor, but PLEASE do not spray your cacti! They are desert plants that rarely get rained on, and don’t take in any water through on their leaves, bulbs, or through their spikes. See our care section for details!

We love supporting local and independent makers! Our owner/management team meets monthly to review inquiries regarding new stockists, and we consider things like fit, price point, materials, and uniqueness in terms of our other product, and products that are available at other local businesses. Get in touch with us and let us know about your work!

After expanding our product lines in the shop, our pop-up space is limited, but we are always open to inquiries. Get in touch with us and we’ll send you a pop-up application!

We love repurposing our space for events! Please get in touch at hello@plantshop.ca for inquires.

We love supporting our local charities and communities! Please see our donations form for all donation requests.

Lake and Clyde love our visitors!

Lake will make sure you know her well by the time you leave the shop. If she hasn’t already made you step over her in the doorway, followed you around while you try to pick out your plants, or splayed at your feet asking for belly rubs, chances are she was just napping.

Clyde is our tall, dark, and handsome guy, and he prefers to be a little more mysterious/less of an attention hog. Exception: if you share your snack with him, he will be your pal/stalker for life (he is not picky about his snacks).