Succulents + Cacti

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Succulents are a large plant family, containing plants in a variety of textures, colours, shapes, and growing patterns. They prefer bright light, and store water in their leaves to help tolerate drought conditions of their native desert environments, so they’re great for the forgetful plant parents among us. We stock a wide variety of succulents from 1” to 8” sizes.

Cacti are sun-loving, water averse, spiny plants that are native to extremely dry desert environments. Like succulents, they are efficient water-storers and need full sun and well-draining soil to thrive. They have short growing seasons here in Alberta, and long periods of dormancy so they are slow-growing and easy to neglect. We stock cacti from 2” to 8”, with occasional stock of extra large Euphorbia up to 5 feet in height.

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